You won't find lots of advertisements for us, as we like to believe that our work speaks for itself. Here's what some of our clients have to say...

“Prior to partnering with Bradawn, we were with a large, international consulting firm. Since taking over in 2005, Bradawn has saved our plan over $6,000,000 dollars. Dawna Gray is not only one of the most technical and knowledgeable people I have come across in this industry, but also the most dedicated. She is consistent, reliable and available whenever we need her. We have complete trust in the Bradawn team, and confidence that they have our best interests in mind.”

“Employee benefits are a critical factor in employee satisfaction. With Bradawn, we know that our valued employees’ benefits are managed by industry experts that genuinely care about the well being of our members. There are very few brokers whose decisions I feel are made from an informed and honest viewpoint, and we have complete confidence that Dawna and her team go above and beyond to contribute to our employees’ satisfaction. Bradawn is more than just our consultant, they are an extension of our HR and Finance departments and our trusted partners.”

"I have worked for more than 25 years for two of the largest employee benefits insurance companies in the United States.  My career has been spent in sales and executive sales management.  My experience has allowed me to work with brokers and consultants across the country - from independents to the largest international firms. 
Experience has taught me that there are a few unique individuals and firms that have the ability to fiercely represent the best interest of their clients while also possessing the skill to be fair and honest with vendors.  From a carrier perspective, we will work harder for those brokers/consultants and their clients because we know they will not intentionally burn or deceive us.  We will find a way to make exceptions or go the extra mile to satisfy them.
Without hesitation, I put Bradawn in the top tier of quality and excellence as a firm.  They are a pleasure to do business with and work hard to satisfy their clients.  One of the best in the country.  Period."

“Having worked with a number of the nation’s largest consulting firms,
I can honestly say that none of them measure up to the technical, hands-on approach I’ve experienced with Bradawn’s team. Their thoughtful approach to benefit management is unmatched. They pay attention to each and every detail.”